Untitled Witch Project

1682. Three women are put on trial for being old and poor. They are hanged for being witches, the last to be condemned to death in England.

300 years later, a heart, covered in pins and thorns, is found hidden inside the bricks of a chimney.    
The next day, Grace brings it in to school.


This is a story about belief, childhood, and magic.
And the darkness that it can bring.

‘Untitled Witch Project’, with an all female cast, is inspired by the true story of the last women to be hanged for Witchcraft in England, in Bideford, Devon. Presented for free at Crossrail Community Rooftop Gardens as part of Late Bloom Festival in association The Space in August 2015.

Creative Team

Tom Drayton – Writer/Director

Bibi Francis – Livi/Others

Hannah-Marie Tate – Anna/Susanna/Others

Jamie Lee Dagen – Grace/Temperance/Others

Vera Boicova – Morgan/Mary/Others

Jamie Long – Composer