Professor Gooblydook back at The RHS


B1JJ0AVIUAAJUtM‘World renowned’ Ghost Hunter and Wannabe Gardener Professor Gooblydook was called back to RHS Rosemoor for Halloween 2014 in ‘Disgusting Plants and Frightening Foods’

There’s trouble in the gardens! The RHS have asked the Professor to heal the only plant that can make the sweets for Halloween, and time is running out! Joining the professor on an interactive roaming adventure around the gardens of RHS Rosemoor, children and their families took part in a range of fun experiments to try and find a cure for the plant.

Mixing songs, puppetry and interactive games, Pregnant Fish were specially commissioned by RHS Rosemoor to create a show that engages children with science and plant life.

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Creative Team

Robbie Brittain, Bibi Francis, Hannah-Marie Tate, Tom Drayton